Go! Muffins Go!


Thanks to a friend, I’m currently obsessed with listening to Go! Team. Who ever thought recorders could actually sound so cool? Maybe like me, you were forced to play the recorder while at primary school. That horrible strained and strangled whine I elicited from it left me wondering why the recorder even existed as a musical instrument. I mean, let’s face it.. attending a primary school recorder recital? Hell on earth. It didn’t however deter my parents from signing my sister and I up for violin lessons. Two years of tortured versions of twinkle twinkle little star, followed several years later by my younger brother’s attempts at the violin (well, the instrument was still there after we abandoned it, so it might as well be used!)

Anyway, Go! Team makes for excellent baking music. Thanks to my new job (having temporarily left restaurant life), I’m even more obsessed with baking muffins and cakes of all descriptions. Got a recipe you think I might like? Fling it my way. I’m slowly building up a repertoire of favourite muffin recipes (and padding myself up for the winter, it would seem). This particular one, an adaptation of a Sue Lawrence recipe, just came out of the oven and is damp and as comfortingly lemony as a spoonful of lemon curd. The dried cranberries strewn over the top add a nice chewy contrast. Armed with a cup of tea and a warm muffin now, I wonder if I still have my old recorder around…. (Did you know that they are also known as fipple flutes? So whimsical!)

lemcranmuffin4.jpg lemcranmuffin3.jpg

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