StormTrooper Cookies


A couple of weeks ago, B sent me this link, and all of a sudden I had this great need to learn how to knit, never having touched a pair of knitting needles in my life before this point. I must say, hats off (or cast off) to all those people who make knitting look easy, because I found understanding it to be quite a trial. It was as headache inducing as learning biochemistry. But now that I’m beginning to grasp it, thanks to Mir, I’m loving it. I love the whole process of creating something with your hands – which could explain why I love baking too.

To celebrate the completion of my Princess Leia beanie, I decided to make some Stormtrooper cookies, for a laugh. The batter is a simple tuille mixture, which I then spread over a hand-made template (couldn’t find a Star Wars cookie cutter on the internet,.. funny that, i thought the internet had everything!), drew the outlines with some mixture that had been darkened with cocoa powder, and then baked these until light golden. I found it better not to fill in the features that are supposed to be darker (eg. the nose and eyes), because I don’t think you can really respect a Stormtrooper if he looks like Ron Jeremy!

And so it was under the eaves of my new ear warmers, that I sipped some tea and did damage to a couple of Stormtroopers. All in a day’s work, folks.. all in a day’s work.

StormTrooper4.jpg StormTrooper3.jpg StormTrooper.jpg StormTrooper-Ron.jpg

(This one is for Mir who jump-started my new favourite pasttime and for Maureen who brought it all together at the last minute. Mir, I promise I’ll post pictures of the beanie soon.)

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  1. min said,

    October 8, 2006 @ 10:18 am

    hey, these are so cool
    they look yummy too
    next time we visit, i may request some winnie the pooh or bob the builder ones – winnie the pooh is very in at the moment with your nieces ;-D
    or Spock Ears!! LOL

  2. Y said,

    October 14, 2006 @ 10:32 pm

    Should be able to manage winnie or bob. Although, by the time we actually meet up, they might have moved on to something more sophisticated.. like South Park? heh heh.. Cartman biscuits might be fun to make.

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